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FSG selling Liverpool Stake ?

Reports are getting stronger within finance houses in UAE that FSG the owners of English Premier League team Liverpool FC are looking at selling a majority stake in their investment.

Last month, FOX Business in America first reported that Henry had begun quietly shopping the Red Sox to potential buyers. People with knowledge of the possible deal said that Henry’s move stemmed from the poor performance of his investment company, John Henry & Co., and also to better finance his English football team, Liverpool PC, which he purchased in 2010.

Whilst looking at the potential buyers for the Red Sox more interest has been shown in their investment of Liverpool FC who have a global fan base which is on par with Manchester United. Liverpool FC are a club who need major investment if they are to keep pace with newcomers of Manchester City and Chelsea. The club also need money for the redevelopment of Anfield.

Henry's Global Analytics fund has lost just over 21% this year, including 6.16% in September alone. By comparison, the Goldman Sachs Commodity Index dipped 1.42% in September and has gained 3.47% so far this year.

While Henry denied that report, rival baseball owners are now telling FOX Business America that the management of Fenway Sports is weighing selling a chunk of the holding company to potential investors.

In addition to the Red Sox and the Liverpool team, Fenway Sports Group owns about 80% of the cable sports channel NESN, a NASCAR team as well as a sports- marketing business. Baseball executives say Henry is growing increasingly uncomfortable running two high-profile sports franchises that eat a lot of cash without some outside help.

“Henry is a Wall Street guy and he can read a balance sheet,” one rival executive told FOX Business.   “He’s getting killed in Liverpool and the Red Sox basically break even or make a few bucks. NESN does very well, but having a partner will make him feel better from a financial standpoint.”

FSG are keen to hold onto a stake in Liverpool FC they can do this by selling a Major stake to someone who has the capacity to input the large financial outlay required in the franchise with major returns over a long period of time.

This may be worrying times for LFC fans who would be wise to remember that John Henry came in at the last minute and rescued the club he is not like the previous American owners. John Henry understands the global brand of Liverpool FC and he will no doubt do what’s best for the club and his shareholders.


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Nok Says :
no cover up. Yet there was a clear mind to ignore any prsototaeitn to the 'official story' and turn a deaf ear. The politicians must explain themselves.The relationship between the govt and police was much too close after the police busted the miners' strike. Thatcher was always going to stand behind them the bxtch.The other part of responsibility goes to the FA and their totally inept approval of the staging of the event.Years before the problems at Hillsborough were highlighted. The FA caused this in their own incompetence.Hell, just switching ends for the fans, as requested, would have lead to a completely different outcome.It's just not good enough.
Red 65 Says :
We live in a democracy and football draws opinions from true supporters who follow their team home and away and there are those who watch on tv and go on the phone ins after every game to voice their views. I have struggled to understand some of the decisions fsg have made since taking over and their spin doctors have brainwashed the die hard groups. Just like hicks and gillette spun their lies and managed to get rid of benitez. our most successful manager for the a good while . The money in for torres, babbel, carroll , shelvey, etc...and all of the others who have departed over the last three seasons and the shedding of experienced players and their wages for average joes have left the squad threadbare but thier investment in the team has been minimal . Revenues have increased which makes the club fit for purpose for an investor with money to spend. They are lucky that we have a great crop of youngsters left by rafa benitez reign and those who are coming through naturally . Their (FSG) appointments of camolli and dalglish and the subsequent appointment of brendan rogers are questionable. I am always optimistic and will always go and watch the red men every week but dear under the current management and ownership structure we will win nothing and not even compete. LFC most successful team in europe from the uk , buy it , don't invest on the playing staff , recruit a manager more suited to the championship with limited success and what do you get , a team going backwards at a rate of knots. YNWA -
Dave Says :
Its sad that we have a few fans that are so clueless, the vast majority of fans are fully supportive of FSG. For those talking about asset stripping, explain how putting over £100 million pounds into the club since they bought it to cover the clubs losses is asset stripping. FSG will turn out to be one of the best things that has ever happened to the club, the whole club is being run now like a proper modern day football club, revenues are being increased by huge amounts off the park, we are starting to close the gap with Manchester United, once the ground is renovated, the club will be in a very strong position to buy top quality players. Anyone wanting instant success go and follow the teams belonging to the rich Russian's or rich Sheik's.
Lee Says :
FSG did rescue LFC, they have turned the clubs finances around by claiming some rather hefty sponsorship details which actually exceed the trophy gain. I wouldn't have minded more transfer outlay over and above what we've made from player sales but given the rather precarious position the last owners put us in, I 'm thankful that we're still in existence. The only people who want FSG out are rival fans or one or two unintelligent buffoons like omero who don't know LFC like the genuine fans or understand business. Quite frankly, if morons like Omero feel as they do then they should go 'allegedly' support another club, no loss there. We're not like Chelsea or City who were nothing before rich owners came in. We have a huge history, a great footballing family and tradition. We are Liverpool football club.
Danny Says :
'The majority of LFC fans want FSG out'? Utter bollocks! May I remind you that FSG have given the managers £186m in the short time they have owned the club! 200k a day! They are in the process of redeveloping Anfield to a 60k seater stadium! FSG might not be well versed in 'soccer' but they are doing there very best to take us back to where we belong! Show some respect!
GrkStav Says :
So, FSG are considering selling part or all of their stake in the Boston Red Sox to buttress their position as owners of LFC, and the headline is that they may be selling a stake in LFC? How, why? Because some buyers appear more interested in a stake in LFC? And how is that worrisome to LFC supporters, exactly?
Daveym Says :
Ash, great comment and reply. Totally 100% accurate. Think the negatives have come from the people that don't understand anything in football? FSG have showed integrity as well as financial backing and a good business sense, which we clearly did not have before. You know, if they do sell, then it will be to benefit the club and of course FSG but they will not sell us down the river.
Ash Says :
Omero since when do you speak for most supporters. I don't know anyone that wants them out or is unhappy with how they've run the club. Secondly you'll find that they did in fact "rescue" the club. If it weren't for them RBS would've been forced to put us in administration due to the debt that Hicks & Gillett ran up. Even if they do sell the club they won't sell it to anyone for the sake of it, it'll go to someone that won't destroy the club. I wish some idiots that call themselves fans would gather all the facts before voicing their BS opinions.
Shielser Says :
These owners havint got a clue about football. I think they could strip mine the club and make a profit but the clubs assets " high profile players" will be just gone plus wages and all will be left will be a load of kids finishing 7th :(
Peabeamac Says :
If only FSG would sell their entire interest in LFC, the club would be in a far better position, both in football and financial terms. They are running the club into the ground.

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