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Talks continue over merged SPFL

Talks over a new merged Scottish Professional Football League look set to continue late into the evening at Hampden.

The boards of the Scottish Premier League and the Scottish Football League met on Thursday at the national stadium as attempts are made to eventually ratify a new single league set-up, but a meeting of SFL clubs has been adjourned until 4pm to consider further financial information before talks resume.

All 42 clubs are then expected to get round the table in a bid to rubber stamp the creation of a new SPFL, and Annan chairman Henry McClelland said: "This morning when I went in, I made everyone aware of Resolution 3. That is primarily where the responsibility lies with the SFL board to ensure that appropriate due diligence is taking place and they are satisfied with the outcome of that."

He added: "The board this morning made it quite clear that they were dissatisfied with the level of due diligence and they put that to the SPL. I believe what's happening now is that the SPL have eventually opened their books.

"This is absolutely crazy that today, when everything was meant to be signed off, they have finally agreed to open their books.

"They are now opening the books to the SFL people to try to get some kind of sanity on the due diligence exercise that would give our board comfort to sign everything off, and allow the clubs to resign from the SFL and complete our applications to join the SPFL. That's where we are."

The new set-up would see the current 12-10-10-10 structure remain, under one organisation, with the introduction of play-offs and a new financial redistribution model. Ratification of the plans was expected to take place at Thursday's meeting after months of debate and deliberations.

McClelland added: "I feel sorry for the fans because this just comes across as an absolute shambles and a mess. To be perfectly blunt, it is. It should never have got to this state."

Forfar chairman Alastair Donald still expects the merged set-up to be signed off.

He said: "Progress will be made today. This will absolutely 100 per cent go through and history will judge whether it was right or wrong. Hopefully for all our sakes it's the right thing to do and the next two or three years will let us know."

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